Sunday, May 17, 2009

RM35 crabs


Spending dinner time with your girlfrenz talking about anything after a looonnngggg tiring weekdays...This time around, without the rest of the gang, we plan for a sudden mini 'makan busat'!!!

It's all started when I popped up the idea,"hey, why not we try that expensive crab dish??"half joking, but to my surprise, the two of them agreed!

So there we were, ordering the RM35 crabs & the butter prawn which I could not resist.

Celebrating something??Absolutely nothing, just happy & thankful I end up the week, lately we seldom eat outside, only at our office canteen.

Sis, sorry for accidentally flying the crab sauce to your 'tudung' . :)
Look at us enjoying the seafood,and forgetting our cholesterol level for a while hehehe...
Well someone still complain that her arms still hurts after wednesday badminton session...but did not stop her diggin in the delicious crab...heheh

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