Monday, May 4, 2009

1st contribution - da beginning


Thanks Dee for inviting me as contributor to your blog.I honoured!..

My previous journeys (some of it) can be viewed in my blog.Hope everybody can stop by too.

Well,my friends and I when for Redang last weekend.Not going to story details about it because I think other contributors might do so later.What I want to say is, how our Bumi s should improve their business.I have wrote some in my blog last which related more to food & beverages, this time around, hospitality business - the chalett type.

Sounds boring?Heheh...

Hope below tips can improved "orang kita's" business mind towards tourism or hospitality service.

1 - First impression is crucial! - Treat every customer as a 1st timer.Your accomodation, transportation image must attract customers.Not necessary new,should be in a good & clean condition.

2 - Put yourself in the customers' shoes - Learn their basic needs & offer a little bit more.For e.g if most of your customers family with children,offer them baby cot,if backpackers offer them laundry space/affordable service etc.

3 - Take advantage of free advertising - in internet era, you can advertise your service internet for free,but make sure you wrote what you really offer!Plus, if your service really good,people will eventually told others good things about you.

4 - Networking among yourself - peak season should benefit everybody in the industries.If your place are fully booked, you should recommend your friends' and vice versa.

5 - Know your selling & weak point - E.g, if your challet are quite far from the beach,offer a bicycle or other means of transportation.

6 - Be informative - promote your other services, or offer your customers some tips about their new surroundings.Not necessary an expensive, well-photo broucher,but you could have a simple chat with them while sipping a cup of coffee...

7 - Last but not least - 'Smile,Thank you & come again' & say it with your heart...although the guest have been pin in the a** to you..who knows, with a simple gesture, it will be the key to your success!


  1. YeaHH..welcome to Geng JomJalan Blogspot!!..Such A gud Info for the FiRst post!! Thnks!...errk... sorry.. is this how's org kita's business looks like? huh.. luckily i haven't experience this b4. AnywAy 2 thumbs up 4Ur greaTest 7 TipS do's and dOnt's and wish U HeppI blogging!

  2. Hai Dee...Yup,being in Japan for about 4 + 1 years,come back to Malaysia, suddenly become culture shock!Now we know we've been badly treated by our own people...heheh..Well that was based on my very real experience..